NOP-Accompanying Product Certificate (USA)

Since 01.06.2012, organic goods certified according to Regulation (EG) 2018/848 and the implementing regulations as amended are to be considered equivalent according to the NOP guidelines. This recognition exists as of this date for goods that are produced or packaged within the EU (a processing step in the EU is necessary if organic goods were imported from third countries in accordance with EU Regulation 1235/2008 and are exported to the USA). 

However, there are restrictions for animal products and products from aquaculture – Details.

The declaration regulations of the respective country of destination must be complied with, the USDA seal may also be used for products - if possible (see detailed regulations above link).From 01.06.2012, every export to the USA must be accompanied by a separate export document, which we can issue for our customers as the responsible organic inspection body (if provisions of the equivalence agreement are met).
Here you will find: 

We kindly ask you to provide us with all the necessary information in full, including the relevant delivery document (usually a delivery note). The "Import Certificate Number" required in Box 4 will be issued by us. 

In summary, this means that we need the following information to issue the NOP goods accompanying certificate: 

  • Goods accompanying document (i.e. usually delivery note) for the relevant delivery 
  • If not visible on delivery note additionally: 10-digit HT Code for the relevant products and "Shipping Indentification" (usually container number).
  • Information about the recipient = Company that buys the product in the USA (contact details, telephone, email address)
If the certification body of the company where the last processing step is carried out differs from the one indicated on the delivery document, please inform us - this item is also part of the NOP goods accompanying certificate (Box 15).

As an application for issue, please send all the above-mentioned documents for the respective consignment to:

We will be happy to issue the NOP goods accompanying certificate on the basis of the data provided by you. The cost of this will be charged at € 52.50 per item; any additional work required will be invoiced additionally. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!