GMP Kulinarik

GMP Kulinarik

In view of the blatant outbreaks of foodborne illnesses in recent times, independent and expert reviews of hygiene standards in community catering are becoming increasingly important. The major outbreaks of EHEC in sprouts and norovirus in strawberries in recent years are among the largest foodborne incidents since human records began.
In addition, the culinary quality in hospitals is assessed particularly critically, both by the "guests" and from a medical or dietetic point of view.
Consumers in hospitals are particularly sensitive as a risk group and require increased care in food production, the fulfillment of which is a basic requirement that is difficult to convey to consumers. Certification systems are particularly suitable for this, since compliance with the requirements can be checked and demonstrated on the basis of the certificate.
The GMP standard was specially designed for crafts and culinary establishments. In this way, traditional culinary practices can be taken into account while maintaining a high level of security without maintaining inadequate and inefficient documentation systems.

The requirements are checked in a "GMP audit" by a qualified and recognized certification body, which reports on this. If conformity with the GMP standard is ensured, a GMP certificate is issued.
The registered rights to the GMP program are held exclusively by SAICON.

Customer benefit

If your company wants to use the GMP Kulinarik certification, your company must conclude a license agreement with SAICON Consulting.
You are then welcome to commission agroVet GmbH for the annual review of the "GMP Kulinarik certification". In this case, please send an application to register your company/your business for the control of the "GMP culinary certification" to [email protected]. You will then receive further information on registration and the conclusion of the control contract with agroVet GmbH.


GMP Kulinarik is a certification for canteen kitchens that provides security in this area. Based on the specifications of the hygiene guideline for canteen kitchens, the GMP criteria coordinated with food monitoring are checked as part of an annual audit.
Control based on the hygiene guideline for canteen kitchens, health care kitchens and comparable community catering facilities and on the basis of the guideline for good hygiene practice and the application of the principles of the HACCP in retail companies (both from the BMFG).



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