Grüne Haube

Grüne Haube

The "Grüne Haube" is awarded to hotels and restaurants throughout Austria. It stands for full-fledged vegetarian enjoyment at the highest level in certified organic quality - with fish or meat if desired.

At every meal, the guest can choose from a full-fledged vegetarian menu, which seduces with exciting creativity to enjoy. There are no "white flour" and ready-made products or fried foods in this "Grüne Haube" menu. And "organic" is clearly recognizable for the guest. Whether meat, fish or grain with tofu and vegetables - the quality and the presentation are right. "Grüne Haube"-crowned restaurateurs set standards - vegetarian, wholesome, organic, ecological, health, culinary, social, ethical, seasonal, regional and sustainable.

Requirements for the "Grüne Haube":
• Wholesome vegetarian dishes at every meal (à la carte)
• Consistent wholesome vegetarian menu line (for hotel guests) at every meal
• Organic certification of the company and labeling of the organic components
• Offer and advice regarding special dietary needs (e.g. lactose- and gluten-free dishes)
• Basic "Grüne Haube" training for the employees and further participation in the "Grüne Haube" training courses at least every two years

Customer benefit

If you are interested in using the "Grüne Haube" trademark of the "Styria vitalis" association, please follow the relevant "section" on the standard holder's homepage (see link below).
You can then also commission Austria Bio Garantie GmbH to carry out the annual review of the "Grüne Haube" requirements. In this case, please submit an application to register your company for "organic gastro certification" (work processes in communal catering facilities - e.g. restaurants, hospitals, canteens, ...), which is a basic requirement for checking the " Grüne Haube" specifications apply, send to [email protected]. You will then receive further information on registration and the conclusion of the control contract with Austria Bio Garantie GmbH.


The "Grüne Haube" award has been given by "Styria vitalis" to catering establishments that offer their guests a wide range of natural dishes in certified organic quality since 1990. In eight Austrian federal states, guests are offered the "Grüne Haube" treat in healthy, highly creative top quality.



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