OGT - GMO - free production according to Austria LM-Codex

OGT - GMO - free production according to Austria LM-Codex

Shortly after the referendum on genetic engineering, in 1998 the first guideline for the definition of freedom from genetic engineering was published as part of the Austrian Food Code, III. edition, published.

This guideline creates the basis for "GMO-free" food production in order to ensure fair competition through traceability, transparency and control of production processes and to protect consumer interests. The rules for "GMO-free production" at all stages of the food chain and the use of information on "GMO-free production" in labeling, packaging and advertising are laid down.

The Codex directive and the GMO-free control mark shown on the product ensure that
- Food neither consists of nor contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs);
- Feed for the production of animal products does not consist of or contain GMOs;
- No genetic engineering processes are used in the production of food and feed or in the production of all their additives (e.g. vitamins, enzymes, flavorings);
- Seeds, plant protection products, fertilizers and soil conditioners also meet these requirements;
- Appropriate transitional periods are observed when feeding animals before the products (meat, eggs, milk) can be advertised as "produced without genetic engineering";
- Uniform and clear specifications for the control and labeling of GMO-free food apply.

Customer Benefit

The strict requirements for cultivation, production and control defined in the Codex guideline will enable consumers to continue to make conscious decisions when shopping for food in the future.



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