Ja! Natürlich!

Ja! Natürlich!

Ja! Natürlich! is a REWE brand and has been supporting Austrians for over 25 years. Ja! Natürlich!, the regional agriculture supports and offers primarily products from Austria. As a responsible organic brand, Ja! Natürlich! for species, nature and animal protection. Ja! Natürlich!, its producers set standards that in many cases are far above the legally prescribed standards for organic products.

Ja! Natürlich! stands for:
100% Organic
Conservation of resources
Species-appropriate animal livestock farming
Healthy eating
Preservation of habitat and diversity
No flavors & hormones
Fairness & Partnerships
Highest quality

Customer benefit

Ja! Natürlich! It builds on the rules of the organic regulation and goes even further with your production regulations in some respects, thus pursuing a more holistic approach. As far as possible, the specifications of Ja! Natürlich! annually in combination with the on-site organic inspection at Ja! Natürlich! contractual partners checked.


Detailed Ja! Natürlich!, there are production regulations for arable farming, fruit, vegetables, dairy cattle, dairy sheep, dairy goats, young cattle, free-range pigs, straw pigs, young lambs, laying hens, fattening poultry and turkeys.



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