Gesellschaft !Zukunft Tierwohl!

The Gesellschaft !Zukunft Tierwohl! is an association that has set itself the task of helping improved forms of farm animal husbandry to achieve a breakthrough.

The guidelines of the Gesellschaft !Zukunft Tierwohl! focus on the following requirements for farm animals:

- The expression of the species' own needs and behavioural patterns
- species-appropriate feeding
- Access to fresh air and natural light
- Protection from pain and suffering
- No cruelty breeding

Customer benefits

If the guidelines are complied with, products produced may be labelled with the associated logos (word/picture marks), which are protected throughout the EU and are intended to clearly demonstrate the improved husbandry methods to the consumer.



Contact person

Eva Beyerl
Agriculture agroVet
[email protected]
+43 (0) 2262/672214