With its new BioAPP, the ABG has developed a mobile service tool for farmers. 

Since April 2019, a version for the iPhone has also been available for download.  

An attempt was made to provide services relevant to practice:

  • For example, you can find out the marketing status of your arable crops or permanent crops with just a few clicks. 
  • The conversion end of cattle, sheep or goats can be calculated not only for the animal itself (or for meat marketing), but also for the milk.
Especially for livestock farms or dairy farms there are 2 helpful calculations:  
  1. Calculation of the withdrawal period for the use of veterinary medicinal products on organic farms (chemical-synthetic medicinal products) 
  2. Calculation of the waiting period for the use of dryers on organic farms (antibiotic dryers) 
Links to helpful platforms have been integrated into the app. You can quickly use the EASY-CERT Organic Inputs Evaluation resource search, or simply retrieve certificates from the easy-cert platform. 

Directly from the app, you can not only send a mail request, but also call the ABG. 

The ABG BioAPP can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store on your mobile phone.