Accompanying certificates

Certificates accompanying goods / transaction certificates

We are happy to issue Accompanying Product Certificates for individual deliveries, provided that the relevant products are covered by the valid organic certification. Certificates accompanying goods are often also referred to as transaction certificates. These can be requested by your customers in addition to the valid organic certificate, but are not based on any legal requirement. A goods accompanying certificate is issued for each delivery note

If you apply for a goods accompanying certificate ("WBZ") from us, we ask you to email us the following documents:  

  • in advance the completed version of the WBZ according to the attachment - entry of the data in the spreadsheet "File input" 
  • Delivery note (with corresponding complete and correct organic declaration, i.e. organic reference and code number of the inspection body AT-BIO-301) 
Please send us the above documents in full to:

On the basis of the information available, we issue the certificate accompanying the goods in German or English, depending on your preference. For the effort is usually € 26,25 / piece charged. In the event of increased effort, the service will be invoiced according to our current tariff schemes. 

If you have any questions, we are at your disposal!