SAI's vision is a sustainable, thriving and resilient agricultural sector that protects the Earth's resources, human rights and animal welfare, and provides value to all members and throughout the supply chain.

The mission states to harness the collaborative power of its members to accelerate the widespread adoption of sustainable agricultural practices.

The SAI platform champions a future where people, planet and sustainable business solutions come together to ensure a viable and resilient agricultural sector.

Customer benefit

Developed by the SAI platform, the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) is a set of tools for food and beverage companies looking to assess, improve and validate farm sustainability in their supply chains. These tool/tools enable effective and efficient collaboration in the supply chain all the way to the farmer.

The FSA Farm Sustainability Assessment Tool is a comprehensive approach to sustainability based on a set of simple questions that standardize farm assessments. The tool is a self-assessment questionnaire with 112 questions on farming practices in 17 subject areas. The questions cover all pillars of sustainability: Environment, Social and Economic.

The FSA applies to all agricultural crops at all locations, regardless of farm size. It also offers a possible external third-party verification of the self-assessment results. Farmers can show they are part of an industry-leading sustainable farming program.



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