In May 2008, the EC Genetic Engineering Implementation Act (EGGenTDurchfG) came into force, which regulates the labeling of foodstuffs produced without the "application of genetic engineering processes". The Association for Food without Genetic Engineering (VLOG) was founded in March 2010 and published the first version of the "GMO free" standard in 2013.

Until then, products from animals fed with genetically modified feed were not subject to labelling, so VLOG has closed this gap with its standard and provides clear guidelines for this:
• No use of genetically modified organisms (GMO) or parts thereof
• No use of aromas, vitamins, enzymes or other food additives produced using genetically modified microorganisms
• No feeding of animals (within a strictly defined period) with feed that is genetically modified or produced from GMOs

Customer benefit

If you would like to have your company certified by agroVet GmbH in accordance with the German VLOG standard "Ohne Gentechnik" for food, please send an application to register your company for inspection/certification of the VLOG standard "GMO free" for food to [email protected]. You will then receive further information on registration and the conclusion of the control contract with agroVet GmbH.

Certification as a quality criterion
• Independent and certified proof of compliance with the requirements of the EC Genetic Engineering Implementation Act (EGGenTDurchfG) for food and the EC Regulations No. 1829/2003 and 1830/2003 for animal feed.
• Validation through regular review and control through audits by accredited and independent VLOG-recognized certification bodies.


With the voluntary "GMO free" label from the Association of Non-Genetic Foodstuffs (VLOG), you can prove that your products meet strict legal requirements in this regard, giving you a competitive advantage.

The VLOG standard sets out the requirements for "VLOG tested" feed and "GMO free" food production and serves to standardize the review of process and quality assurance systems. This standard serves as the basis for VLOG granting a license to use the "GMO free" or "VLOG tested" seal. In addition, he supports companies in the development of risk management.



EC Genetic Engineering Implementation Act


Regulation EC No. 1829/2003


Regulation EC No. 1830/2003


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