Organic gastronomy

Organic gastronomy

The work processes in communal catering facilities are not subject to the new Organic Regulation VO (EU) 2018/848 (valid from 01.01.2022).. This means that catering establishments and canteen kitchens that advertise “organic” do not fall within the scope of this legal text. However, according to the "Organic Production" guideline, there is an obligation to control/certify communal catering facilities (e.g. restaurants, hospitals, canteens...) that advertise products with the organic label. This is derived from Chapter "3 Preparation" and in detail from "Section 3.3.4 Preparation in communal catering facilities" of the guideline.
However, since the guideline is not a law, there is currently no statutory control obligation.

Each company decides for itself how much organic it uses.
The applicable principle is: "What is declared as organic quality must also be traceable as such."
As a rule, this results in several advertising options for a "catering establishment".

Customer benefit

Give your guests the security of controlled organic quality and benefit from the increasing wellness and health awareness of consumers. On the one hand, the certification of your kitchen brings new customer groups - because the right diet plays an increasingly important role in our consumer society - and on the other hand it opens up new marketing aspects for your entire company.
If you don't yet have any experience with the preparation of organic food, start the transition step by step - and successively increase the organic range and the use of these high-quality products.

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