Gut zu Wissen

Gut zu Wissen

The "Transparent origin in mass catering" directive regulates a voluntary system with which consumers can obtain information about the origin of meat, the origin and type of livestock farming of eggs and egg products, and the origin of milk and milk products in mass catering as simply as possible.
Participating businesses are not restricted in the purchase of meat, eggs/egg products, milk and dairy products and do not need to make any adjustments. It is helpful to have practical information about the origin or type of livestock farming for all dishes with meat, eggs and milk or milk products. For this purpose, “Gut zu wissen” has established itself as a brand customary in the industry. This brand belongs to the Austrian Chamber of Agriculture (LKÖ) and is managed by it.

Customer benefit

You can register with the standard holder to take part in the initiative. The standard holder will then give you a list of all inspection bodies that you can commission to carry out an annual inspection of the standard.
You are also welcome to commission agroVet GmbH for the annual review of the "Gut zu wissen" specifications. In this case, please send an application for the registration of your company to check the "Gut zu wissen" requirements to [email protected]. You will then receive further information on registration and the conclusion of the control contract with agroVet GmbH.

With the "It's good to know where our food comes from" initiative, you set an example to make the origin of meat, eggs, milk and dairy products easily and clearly visible to your guests at a glance. If you also state the origin, you also explain to the guests why dishes can have different prices. This creates fair freedom of choice and builds trust.


More and more people attach importance to conscious nutrition and the origin of the food. In community catering - such as in kindergartens, schools, canteens, company canteens, hospitals, nursing homes, barracks and catering - the origin is often not traceable because there is (still) no labeling requirement.
With the “Gut zu wissen” initiative, the catering establishments voluntarily and transparently provide information about the origin of meat, milk and milk products as well as eggs and the ways in which laying hens are kept, giving your guests clarity and security. Transparency creates trust!



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