Natürlich gut essen

Natürlich gut essen

"Natürlich gut essen" businesses make an active contribution to the environment and animal welfare. Thanks to transparent criteria, the award also offers orientation and incentive for consumers and can therefore be actively used for marketing activities.

“Natürlich gut essen” is offered for all Viennese catering establishments – from the "small pub" to the award-winning restaurant, from the vegan restaurant to the "wine tavern". Through the active advice in advance and the grading of the award into gold, silver and bronze, "Natürlich gut essen" honors companies that are already operating sustainably, on the one hand, and on the other hand offers those companies the necessary support that are still at the beginning.

Customer benefit

If you are interested in co-financed advice on "Natürlich gut essen", please register with OekoBusiness Vienna, Advice on Sustainable Products/Services, via the Vienna Chamber of Commerce.

You can then commission agroVet GmbH to carry out the annual review of the "Natürlich gut essen" requirements. In this case, please send an application for the registration of your company to [email protected] for the control of the "Natürlich gut essen". You will then receive further information on registration and the conclusion of the control contract with agroVet GmbH.


"Natürlich gut essen" is a co-financing offer to the Viennese gastronomy to promote a sustainable range of food and drinks. Businesses with the "Natürlich gut essen" award focus on offering regional, seasonal and ecologically produced dishes with particular attention to animal welfare.



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