gU ggA gtS

gU ggA gtS

Since 1992 there have been rules for the protection of geographical indications and designations of origin for agricultural products and foodstuffs for the first time at European level.

A distinction is made between two levels when awarding protected EU designations of origin: protected designation of origin (g.U.) and protected geographical indication (g.g.A.).

The EU quality mark guarantees traditional specialties (g.t.S.), describes a traditional manufacturing process and is not a designation of origin, as it does not contain any geographical indications of origin.

g.U.: This quality mark refers to a specific geographical location where the food was grown, processed and manufactured and has characteristics typical of that region.
Tiroler Bergkäse g.U.; Tiroler Almkäse g.U.

g.g.A.: For this quality mark, at least one of the production steps must take place in the area. The quality or another characteristic is typical for the respective area.
Tiroler Speck g.g.A.

g.t.S.: This quality mark is for foods that have traditional characteristics. The food must have been on the European market for more than three decades and have typical properties that no other food has.
Heumilch g.t.S.

Customer Benefit

Consumers are informed about the geographical origin or the traditional processing of certain foods via this seal of quality.



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