Donau Soja/Europa Soja

Donau Soja/Europa Soja

The Donau Soja Association promotes the cultivation of GMO-free soya from the catchment area of the Danube region (Donau Soya) and from Europe (Europe Soya). Certification is based on the guidelines of the Donau Soja Association. The guidelines require a goods flow check supplemented with GMO analyses. agroVet GmbH carries out the checks in combination with other services.

Customer Benefit

The use of high-quality soy from the Danube region and Europe should be advertised both within the entire value chain and for the consumer.
The quality mark "Donau Soya" or "Europe Soya" is awarded exclusively for certified and controlled soy and soy products and guarantees the processors (mills, feed manufacturers, meat and dairy companies as well as soy food processors) origin and quality standards.





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