Changes in the administrative board EASY-CERT group AG

Personnel changes

Personnel changes

The long-serving Chairman of the Board of Directors, Peter Jossen, has handed over management to Michael Stelzl. In addition, Susanne Küffer-Heer, Marc Schärrer and Robert Holzer have left the Board of Directors. Georg Gerharter, Elvira Bieri, Felix Müller and Knut Schmidtke are new to the Board of Directors. Christina Ritter, Hans Matzenberger und Ueli Steiner remain as members of the Board of Directors. 

 As part of a worthy celebration, Peter Jossen was thanked for his commitment - especially when it came to founding the EASY-CERT group - and the members who have left were said goodbye. The new President, Michael Stelzl, and the members of the Board of Directors were warmly welcomed. 

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