Laying hen husbandry and verifiable origin egg (HG)

Laying hen husbandry and verifiable origin egg (HG)

The consumer desire for egg products that have been verifiably produced with eggs from laying hens from barn or free-range livestock farming can be met with the certification system of Delimax GmbH. Corresponding products are marked with the HG logo of the respective type of livestock farming. This program also allows area claims.
An international system makes it possible to cover all production areas. Proven, accredited control systems are used, which enable seamless control of the HG specifications from the producer to the consumer. Permission to use the HG logo is granted once the products intended for marketing meet the requirements and a certificate has been issued. Despite international production, this certification system offers a high degree of transparency. agroVet GmbH is the only control body in Austria authorized to carry out HG certifications.

Customer Benefit

The "laying hen husbandry and verifiable origin egg" system stands for eggs and egg products from hens kept on the barn or free-range. Customers have the option of having their products checked and certified in accordance with the HG specifications. The end user benefits from the high degree of transparency.



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